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«You know the truth: when she was among us, she was stubborn, caustic, and quick to take offense at the slightest criticism. Yet I shudder to think of the secrets she kept when she left us.»

— The Silent Singer, House Melkior[1]



О «Загребущих руках»:

  • Griselma's staff has a mind of its own, but it's learned to keep its thoughts to itself.[1]

О «Твари из портала»:

  • Her students whisper that each portal beast was a former pupil who annoyed Griselma one too many times.[1]

О «Зоне разлома»:

  • "The worst part was that before the hand grabbed me, I'd swear it winked!" —Sergeant Koltroon, House Aurion[1]

О «Перестановке»:

  • Over the decades, dozens have willingly stepped into Griselma's portals. But only Griselma has ever emerged again.[1]

О «Бездне»:

  • For a time, noble families with "willful" children could contact House Melkior, who would send Griselma to be the last nanny they'd ever need.[1]

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