Console screenshot

Console in games is a debugging tool, which usually changes various settings and shows logs and information via special console commands while the game is running. Console is usually used by developers, but it also can be used by players for "exploring" the game or cheating.

In PC version of Gigantic console is available to use by default (while some of Unreal Engine 3 games require edit of .INI files to activate console in game).

There are 2 ways to toggle console in the game:

  • tilde/grave (~/`) key (it should be right under Esc key) – will open a black window that shows various information and statistics of the game in real time, with console at its bottom
  • F6 – the console will appear at the bottom of the screen (if with previous method it shows only few commands as suggestions, this one shows all available commands as the player types in)

Console is not case sensitive, the case is used for recognizing unseparated words in commands, for better understanding.