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This article is about hero experience during a match; for mastery experience see: Prestige

User Interface as hero reaches next level

During a match all players and their heroes are gaining Experience, which increases their Level.

With a new level player get a Skill Point (or Upgrade) which is used to upgrade abilities to deal more damage, apply different effects to allies and enemies, or even change the function of the skill entirely. At the start of the match all players are on Level 1 and have 1 free Skill Point. The maximum Hero Level is 10; after reaching Level 5 player can also chose a talent – a special passive trait.

Experience is gained in the course of the match as player and their team is completing various objectives:

  • fixed amounts:
  • varied amounts (depends on the course of the match):
    • hero kill – from 400 XP
    • creature kill - from 800 XP
    • assist – from 150 XP
    • earned a badge – from 250 XP


Shooting Star! badge

  • There is a badge linked to gaining of experience:
    • Shooting Star! – Be the first hero to reach level 10 in a match.
      • There is also an achievement with this badge – Meteoric Rise.