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The Fortune Cards are a collectible within Gigantic as well as a key feature of the game. Each card has a task which, upon its completion, will award the player with Prestige Icon small exp.png and Crowns Icon small crown.png, as well as reveal a part of the lore.

Cards are divided by category – a card may be based upon the world – Major Arcana, or upon a HeroMinor Arcana. Cards further are dived by sets of 3 rarity types, which reward player with a designated amount of Rubies with completion:

  • Common – +50 Icon small ruby.png
  • Rare – +100 Icon small ruby.png
  • Legendary – +300 Icon small ruby.png

Overall amount of all available in the game cards, counting all rarities, is 549. Player can have a hand of maximum 7 cards to complete in a time. To get a new card player should make a draw. Draws can be obtained through a couple of different means:

With each draw, the chances of receiving a Rare or Legendary card increases. However, the chances of receiving a card that has not yet been completed decreases.


Below are presented all Fortune Cards, both featured in the game and unreleased.



  • Fortune Cards are based on famous Tarot cards, which are often used in divination and other esoteric practices. This can be seen in “arcana” terms, numerical order and some of the titles – both actual and seen only as code names (such as “the Hierophant”, or “the Beast” replacing “the Devil”).
  • Oru, one of the heroes of Gigantic, is deeply related to Fortune Cards in various ways:
    • Oru is an Eternal that specializes in seeing the future – the cards are his primary instrument, as well as the weapon: “Judgment” for
      Deals damage over time.
      Eff icon burn.pngburing
      enemies, “the Beast” for
      Reduces movement speed by 20%.
      MAJOR SLOW (30%) and MASSIVE SLOW (60%) are more powerful.
      Eff icon slow.pngslowing
      them, “the Joker” (originally titled as “the Jester”) to
      Knocks enemies back. This does not stop them from using skills.
      Eff icon push.pngpush
      them away, and “Death” to deal mortal
      Decreases target's HEALTH or SHIELD with successful attacks and leads to target's death after its health bar reaches 0.
      Term icon dmg.pngdamage
    • Oru was originally designed as an NPC who looked like the crystal ball through which players could “see into the future,” and from which they draw Fortune Cards. He would then react to player's picks with various responses.[1]
    • An entity on “the Jester” card resembles to Oru, who is referred on card's lore notes as “the Seer” – his name as the member of Eternal pantheon.
  • Some of achievements were related to completion of Fortune Cards:
    • Golden Fortune – complete 7 Rare Fortune Cards – 40 points
    • Celestial Fortune – complete 7 Legendary Fortune Cards – 50 points
    • Major Arcana – complete one of the Major Arcana Fortune Card sets – 50 points
    • Fortunate Champion – complete one of the Hero Fortune Card sets – 50 points