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This article is about a creature; for developer studio see: Motiga
Motiga creature.png

Motiga is a special family of creatures, which is not available for summon on Power Circles by heroes and spawn only in Practice Arena, playing a role of smarter target dummies.


Motiga is a little dragon (adult Motiga is smaller than adult Drake), thus its look is more akin to cartoon dinosaur: it has disproportionately big head with big bright eyes and eyebrows, long thin arms for grabbing, short sturdy legs for walking and skin of very bright colors (adults are green, while youngsters are purple, yellow or pink).


On Practice Arena there is only one adult Motiga near friendly Power Circle. South side of the map is full of baby Motigas. The only attack all of them capable of is a fire breath, they start attacking player once he steps to their territories.

Meanwhile, on North side of the map there are special pink baby Motigas who apply various negative status effects, which are designated on titles above their health bars. They attack only if player is very close to them.


Creature icon Motiga baby.png
Creature icon Motiga adult.png
Health 800 HP 2200 HP
Basic attack FIRE BREATH
Projectile that
Deals damage over time.
Eff icon burn.pngignites

* Negative status effects Motigas' attacks correspond to their titles.


Old icon of Chaos Quaff ability

  • During Alpha phase of the game Motiga was a summonable creature with tactical bonus of
    Increases outgoing DAMAGE dealt by skills.
    Eff icon dmg.pngdamage
    boost for nearby allies. It also had a bit different look, with blue skin and more detailed textures.
    • Uncle Sven's
      A special resource that is accumulated and stored throughout every match, and can be used to unleash a FOCUS ABILITY, or upgrade young creatures to powerful adults.
      Focus requires to build up FOCUS CHARGES (maximum 3) before it can be used. They can be accumulated by dealing damage to enemies, healing allies, taking damage, and sometimes after being defeated and sent to the Airship.
      Term icon focus.pngFocus
      ability, Chaos Quaff, during Alpha turned enemies into motigas instead of snails; on official website there is still an old description of hero which says: “Humiliate your enemies by turning them into tiny, harmless lizards.” [1]
  • As name suggests, this creature is a mascot of Motiga, studio that developed Gigantic.
    • In official blog of the studio were articles about creation of Motiga's in-game look.