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  • Ramsay was originally designed to have heroic proportions because his kit is built on his athleticism. He started out a lot meaner and older looking, and began to get younger and flashier with updating of his kit and giving him a backstory as a gang leader.[1]
  • Ramsay's roguish personality drawn from characters like Rufio (from the Hook movie), the Green Ranger (Power Rangers), Johnny Lawrence (Karate Kid) “and other troublemakers”.[1]
  • As a source for poison, Devon Cady-Lee, Ramsay's designer, imagined that part of his story would be that he micro-dosed himself with the toxic juju fruit to build immunity to it, and now coats his blade with its juice.[1]
    • Originally Juju Fruit skill was inspired by Chairman Kaga character (played by Takeshi Kaga) eating bell peppers in the Japanese television show Iron Chef.[1]
  • Ramsay's code name in game's files is “Blade”.
  • Before final update Ramsay's unlock cost was Icon small crown 10000 or Icon small ruby 600.


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