Gigantic Wiki

I've adopted this wiki in late 2017, not long after the game was fully released, and tidy it up quite a lot. Prior to that I've also actively worked on Russian version, which would become official Russian wiki of the game, and even helped fixing Russian localization. With the final update and shut down news I switched fully to English wiki, but had less and less time to support this big thing all alone and just about an officially dead game (unofficially I'll just say - keep looking and you will find something).

I'm leaving Wikia/FANDOM from July 2021, keeping this account for my contributions, of course, and possible communication.

Thus Gigantic Wiki is up for adoption, you can try to message me about giving you higher rights or leave a request for FANDOM staff.

My other wikis up for adoption:

Note: if you see official wiki ticker here - that's because this FANDOM wiki got merged with official Gigantic wiki on Gamepedia (which was abandoned by everyone before the game was released lol).